Review of Indian Classifieds Websites –

A clean review of a website helps the users to trust a website before posting any content. While posting advertisements in classifieds, the users must take certain precautions and proactive decisions on what to post and what not. They must also take into consideration whether that site can carry their advertisements to the masses.

The precautions are concerned

1. If they compel to register as a user to post ADs, you are supposed to keep your private information on their site. It may sometimes create a privacy concern of your email id and passwords. does not require a login to post your Advertisements. So, No need to keep any permanent information on their website except the necessary communication detail to facilitate the purpose of the ADs.

2. Nowadays the classifieds sites are not a high traffic driven ones. They receive a hand full of junk and spam ad posters on a regular basis. This does not help the advertiser to get his ad reached to his potential customers. So, if you consider a website as a best classifieds site, it should have a good SEO score and a ranking to get crawled by the search engine on a short interval of time. Google is the only large search source for every user to land to a website for the content. is an SEO friendly, and Google bots instantaneously crawl the ads posted to this site.

3.  Is there a mechanism in place to weed out the sea of junk posts in that classifieds? It is essential to post your ads in a moderated website where the junk and spam filters are on. Otherwise, the search engine will not care to crawl those sites. is a moderated website. A comprehensive mechanism removes the junk and spam ads and also each, and human moderators monitor every ad.

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